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Chelsea McCoy

Author & Curriculum Administrator

Chelsea McCoy has a Master’s Degree in Public Safety Administration from Western Illinois University.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration with a concentration in Homeland Security from Western Illinois University as well. Chelsea has a diverse and current training background within Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Active Threat, Homeland Security and Geographic Information Systems. She is certified through the Department of Homeland Security in Protective Measures by the office of Bombing Prevention in partnership with the Center for Domestic Preparedness. Chelsea is certified in Building Design for Homeland Security for Continuity of Operations through the Federal Emergency Management Agency. She has developed a map system with multiple pre-established resource staging areas to be implemented as a disaster response for first responders. Chelsea worked on and updated a Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan. Chelsea is certified by the Illinois Search and Rescue Council in Wilderness Search & Rescue Operations. Chelsea provides writing and administrative support to the National Criminal Justice Training Agency. She is an Author and Curriculum Administrator.

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